It sounds to good to be true, doesn’t it? Packaging is everywhere and everyday we generate more and more waste because of it. Proponents of a world without packaging are living a zero waste lifestyle.

In 2014, 162,9 kg of packaging waste was generated per inhabitant in the EU. The EU had 507 million inhabitants in 2014, what is equivalent to 82590,000,000 kg of packaging waste for the EU alone. This is a lot!

But is it achievable? Personally I think this is a bit much. Some products cannot go without packaging, although there are nowadays some packaging free stores. In the Netherlands for examples there is Opgeweckt Noord, Bag&Buy and Robuust(Antwerp). These stores are mainly focussing on food products. If we want to achieve a packaging free world then big stores like Albert Heijn and Jumbo should change their way of selling products. A packaging free world would definitely make a big change, but I do not think the consumer is ready for this big change.

Source: packaging waste statistics, inhabitants EU 2014, De Groene Meisjes

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